Marketing - Digital Marketing Leverage Digital Marketing Tools to Connect, Converge and Communicate with your Customers

Today, most businesses are embracing digital media to reach out to more existing and potential customers.

Digital channels like social media, search engines, email and websites are helping businesses stay in touch with their customers on the go. With nearly 72% of adults using internet to surf Facebook, 81% of shoppers conducting online research before they buy anything online and Google getting over 100 billion searches in a month!

Aren’t these marketing statistics enough to convince you to have a strong presence online?

At Rapidmind, we offer strategic digital marketing services to customers on a local and global level. Our expert marketers can define and execute strategies that will help your business grow at a steady pace.

Our digital DNA, end-to-end offerings and a data-driven mindset give us a competitive edge in the market. We assist our clients by promoting sustainable growth, building brands online and developing durable businesses. And above all, we deliver measurable results so that you can get maximum returns on your investments.

Our Marketing Mantra

  • Digitally Savvy: The digital media has been encoded in our DNA and continues to boost our business. We’re aware of the latest trends and tools in the market and are bold enough to leverage technologies for the benefits of our clients.
  • Data-Driven: We never see analytics as an afterthought, but rather an integral part of all the work we do. We’re able to make smarter decisions for our clients because we’re obsessed with numbers that matter.
  • Curious Creatures: We’re relentlessly looking for new ways to surprise and delight your customers. Our creative minds work with our pursuit of excellence to ensure that there’s never a dull moment in your marketing campaigns.
  • Goal-Oriented: We keep your business goals in mind before planning and executing our campaigns. This helps us to generate valuable leads that help grow your business in the right direction.
  • Cost-Effective: We work with start-ups as well as MNCs and understand that companies may not always have extensive budgets for their digital marketing. Thus, we offer flexible and cost-effective plans to suit every business, industry and company size.

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Key Services


Our solid SEO strategy combines content optimisation and design techniques with technical optimization, ensuring that your website ranks well in search engines and drives traffic. Whether you want to boost lead generation or enhance the user experience, trust us to deliver beyond expectations.


Pay Per Click technologies are constantly evolving. At Rapidmind, we have the right technology, people and approach to ensure that your paid search efforts are at the forefront of your digital marketing strategies and innovation.


We integrate social media into our digital marketing campaign and smartly combine science and art to deliver memorable activities. We understand that on-site and off-site analytics are combined with smart and engaging digital assets to deliver results. Using core platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, we make your social media presence truly effective.


One of the best ways to connect with your customers in a fast-paced tech-savvy world, Videos have immense power hidden in them. Right from VFX to motion graphics and live action, we can create an online video strategy and develop content to excite your customers.


In a world where inboxes are filled with marketing emails, you need to design a strategy to make your emails relevant and timely. At Rapidmind, our engineers and marketing experts work together to create smart and sensible email campaigns for your business.

What to Expect with Rapidmind?

  • When you take us on board as your digital partners, you can expect proactive solutions and quick communications.
  • We develop strategies that work across all platforms and devices and help in strengthening your digital assets
  • When you work with us, you can expect our team to work dedicatedly to achieve ROI for your business
  • Our marketing automation tools help us generate seamless campaigns across email, social media, search engines and websites
  • We also offer monthly reports on the leads generated as a result of our marketing efforts
  • We’re focused on quality over quantity and only use the best digital marketing techniques to boost engagements with your audiences
  • Our team of expert digital marketing consultants have unrivalled expertise in the technical and creative aspects of marketing, giving you the much-needed advantage in your marketing efforts

Ready to create your success story in the digital space? Give us a call today and see how we can take your brand places.