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Rapidmind has the expertise and experience to design and develop Android mobile apps that can rule the app store. Every app we develop is backed by ample of market research, thorough analysis of the technology, customer needs, competition, and a quality assurance process that ensures marketability for your application. By perfectly blending technical expertise and logical creativity, we can ensure that you get maximum downloads for your mobile application.

A Robust App Development Methodology

  • Creation of Cutting Edge Apps: Our highly-experienced team of engineers, designers and developers have worked with both, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to create cutting-edge mobile apps.
  • Wide-Industry Knowledge: We have the knowledge and experience to build apps for various industry verticals, right from education, healthcare, retail, technology, finance, to e-commerce, real estate and more.
  • Cater to Every Platform: Our team also understands that different platforms require unique operating procedures, processes and development teams and thus, we have curated a team that’s specialized in Android app development for all your requirements.

How Do We Differentiate Your App amongst Millions

  • Today, there is a constant surge in the number of apps on the Google store across all categories. If there are 5 million apps and over 50 billion downloads today, they might just multiply 5x by the next week!
  • When the app store is growing at such a rapid rate, we have to ensure that our apps find their place in the store and make it to your users’ smartphones. Thus, every stage of our development, right from ideation, to the development and post-launch maintenance is spot on.
  • Right from designing the precise wireframe and giving life to the idea, to writing an app description that makes it easily searchable, our team and technology come together to create an app that ensures positive emotions in your users.
  • We also help our clients throughout the lifecycle of the brand, assisting with timely updates, fixing bugs, ensuring maintenance and promoting the app to help reach maximum prospective users, in minimum turnaround time.

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Key Features

Custom Android App Development

Build custom and native applications for start-ups, small, medium and large enterprises.

Android Specific UI/UX Design

Increase user engagement and facilitates smoother navigation and better aesthetics for your apps.

Android Widget Development

Deliver intuitive push notifications and share information with users that can boost engagement.

Android Testing and Portability

Dedicated team of mobile testers that ensure perfect delivery of your Android app with minimum issues.

Android Support & Maintenance

No matter what kind of support you need, during development, launch or post-launch, our dedicated support team is always around to help with your Android apps.

Android Consulting

If you want to know whether Android is the right platform for your app needs, our consultants are always ready to answer all your queries.

Android App Redesign

Redo your application as per new products, services or with new technologies, we can help you create a stunning new app that will fulfil all your redesigning objectives.

Why Choose Us?

  • Comply with Industry and Customer Standards and only deliver top-notch apps to our customers. Whether it’s a large-scale or a small-scale project, we give it our full attention, irrespective of the budget and size.
  • Cost Effective Solutions ensure that every company can hire us get their mobile apps started in time, on budget. We’re highly cautious about being on-time and on-budget and rarely exceed either of them. This helps our clients hit the markets faster than their competitors
  • Robust App Development processes ensure you’re updated on all the developments of your app so that the end result is bug-free, polished and aligns with your vision. Our past experience also drives our success and gives us the competitive edge to help clients across all industry verticals with the best solutions. Our knowledge of Java and Kotlin languages help us create apps that offer a smooth user experience, both front-end and back-end
  • Protection of Idea and Data and your future with state-of-the-art security solutions is our highest motto. You can always get 24x7 technical support for any issues with your mobile apps at any point of time.
  • Flexible Engagement Models are tailored to meet the diverse business needs of our clients. Above all, we ensure high-quality at a high-speed, without the high price tags.

If you have an idea for an Android app and need a technology partner to make it a reality, contact us today!