UI UX Design Impactful Design that Evokes Emotions and Leads to Actions

Design plays an important role in our lives. If you look around, everything is smartly designed to make it easier for you to work around it. Whether it is your dining table, your wardrobe or your car. Then why should your interaction with devices be any different?

UI and UX design are all about improving the human and device interaction. Be it a website, a web application or a mobile app, it should try to fulfil the user’s needs in a simple and striking manner.

At Rapidmind, we focus on enhancing your user experience, across all devices, at all times. This means we work tremendously on the back-end and the front-end of your software or application to make sure there is a perfect alignment between design and engineering. Wondering what makes a great user experience?

It’s all about understanding your users, getting close to them and asking questions about their decisions. Users are constantly trying to teach us and as design experts, it is our job to listen, observe and question them to create an unmatched design experience across all user touch points.

What Do We Do?

We design websites, web applications, wireframes and mobile applications that create an impact. Our interface is designed with the objective to form an emotional connect with customers. We marry our design concepts to your ideas, business goals and customer profiles to create an interface that’s easy, memorable and enjoyable. Our creative team of developers know exactly what elements users are looking for and have the capabilities to deliver them naturally so that users act as they are expected.

At Rapidmind, we offer the following:

  • UI & UX research, discovery and analysis
  • A thorough human factor analysis and research
  • End-to-end wireframes and prototypes for your website or app
  • A functional yet appealing user experience design
  • Attractive & easy to operate front-end designs
  • A complete user experience evaluation and feedback to improve and enhance

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How We Do It?


In our research stage, we analyse your users’ behaviour on a microscopic level. Our experts know that we have only one second to catch their attention and thus, we go out of our way to find the hook that will keep them intrigued on your website or application.


Next, we do wire-framing and prototyping and create realistic blueprints that outline the complete design. All features, structural assumptions and information is sketched out using digital and traditional tools. This step ensures that the product has been properly figured out.

Visual Design

Last but not the least, we create the visual identity for your product. Whether it is the typography, the brand colours, icons and other elements, our creative ninjas work round the clock to design something extraordinary. This process is highly engaging, refreshing and agile and often creates results that exceed your and your users’ expectations.

Why Design with Rapidmind?

  • Testing Labs: We have in-house usability and user testing labs that test the design before we go to market. We conduct a thorough manual and automated testing of all our designs to ensure seamless usability for your customers.
  • Certified Engineers: Our certified UI/UX engineers and designers have the professional skills and expertise to handle every project, big or small with a creative zeal. They bring knowledge, technology and innovation to the table, giving your project the much-needed competitive edge.
  • Flexible Approach: Based on your requirement, we offer a flexible approach towards our design and development. We also continuously focus on improvement, which keeps us flexible and agile.
  • Advanced Tools & Strategies: We’re not afraid to experiment with new technologies and implement innovative strategies for your design requirements. We’re determined to learn and implement the latest trends for the benefit of our clients.
  • Great Storytelling: Right from generating a great first impression to creating an emotional connection with your users, we have the knack to turn ideas into a reality. Our storytelling skills come across beautifully in our UI and UX designs.
  • One-Stop Solution: We do everything, from design to development and marketing of your entire website, web apps or mobile applications. You can trust us to be a one-stop-shop for all your digital needs.
  • Measurable Returns: Lastly, and most importantly, we strive to deliver measurable returns to our clients. We’re a data-driven organization where we love information, facts and figures and share it with you so that you can make informed decisions and get maximum returns on your investments.

Ready to transform the look and feel of your digital presence? Contact us today and let your design simplify complications! After all, good design is good business.