Web Application Powerful Web Applications to Automate, Entertain, Educate and Scale

As digital technologies are transforming business environments, web development is becoming increasingly popular

“The software you deploy, and especially the custom software you create will increasingly be part of your competitive edge.” – Forrester

Almost everything in your business is now web-based. When you can leverage software for this web-based world, it can contribute immensely to your overall success.

Progressive web applications are leveraging new technologies and bringing the best of native apps and mobile sites to users. They are engaging, reliable and fast, making them perfect for all your future business needs.

If you want to ride the technology wave and embrace web applications for your business, Rapidmind is your ideal partner.

We use the latest technologies like PHP, WordPress, Node.js to develop responsive and tailor-made web applications that align with your business objectives.

Using frameworks like Codeigniter, we can create products that work seamlessly across all platforms and devices. All our web applications are highly functional, 100% secure, fully scalable and truly profitable in the long term.

Our Smart Web Application Development Process:

At Rapidmind, our expert team has the experience and knowledge to help your business develop the perfect web application as per your needs. We begin by understanding your business model and the processes to analyse how our web app can boost productivity and profitability.

Next, we offer a technical proposal that goes on the floor after your approval. Once the app is developed, we monitor and test it, train your staff to use it and continuously offer maintenance and support to assist all through the lifecycle of the application.

End-to-End Development

A web application is a lot more than what meets the eye. Our team will maximize the impact of your apps on both, the design and development perspective. Right from R&D to consulting, front-end development, back-end architecture, to manual and automated QA, and constant support, we make sure your web application fulfils all your business goals. Once you take us on board as your application partners, you can be rest assured and focus on your core business while we take care of your technology needs.

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Key Services

Custom Application Development

One of the most important benefits of choosing custom applications is that they are specifically tailored to your business processes. We have the expertise to develop custom web apps from scratch, migrate your backend data or streamline frontend functionality.

E-Commerce Development

Trust our developers to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Our solutions include everything, right from secure payment gateways to 24x7 maintenance and an appealing UX.

SaaS Products

We assist SaaS start-ups and companies to develop smarter software products with our technological assistance. By offering SaaS development accelerators and reusable frameworks, we help companies to reduce their time to market. Our other services include data analytics, machine learning, automated testing and API engineering.

Portal Development

Rapidmind also develops web portals that deliver cost-effective solutions, high efficiency and tremendous growth potential. When our portals work with collaborative capabilities, they provide quick access to information, easier workflows and excellent functionality.

Open Source Web Development

We can revamp your website using the same source code so that you can alter it from your website for faster roll-out times. This is a great benefit for companies looking to upgrade their web apps on a budget.

Web App Support & Maintenance

We can assist you with maintaining apps developed by us or third party vendors. We help fix bugs and add new functionality while documenting all support required for future needs as well.

The Rapidmind Advantage

  • Delivering Business Value We don’t just stop at developing a web app but go above and beyond to ensure that it maximizes business value and helps you in achieving your corporate goals. Our solutions are highly scalable, which ensures that your investment lasts decades.
  • Business Expertise Ever since our inception, we have acquired vast experience in multiple domains and industry verticals. This helps us to deliver creative solutions to all kinds of complex business challenges.
  • Communication We encourage clear two-way communication to remove any glitches that may arise due to lack of understanding. This ensures faster project development, higher client satisfaction and better service. We also offer all documents and source control in the cloud, ready for access to our clients.
  • Adaptability We have the flexibility to commit to both, large and small scale projects without compromising on the quality or dedication every project demands. Our flexibility also extends to the technology we use along with the management and project life cycle.
  • Innovation When you work with our competent team, you will understand why we stress on innovation. All our services, solutions and products are aimed at being innovative, right from the way they are conceived, designed, developed and marketed. This helps our clients enjoy a competitive edge in their industry.

If you want to design or develop a new web application or want to update your existing systems to cloud technologies, we have all the skills to complete your project within timelines and within budget!